GET A CLOAK! Medieval Drip for 2023 #shorts

the ultimate Drippy Fashion accessory for 2023: the cloak! don’t be maidenless!

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30 Responses to GET A CLOAK! Medieval Drip for 2023 #shorts

  1. zerofire 31 says:

    Looks like a mil poncho

  2. Did bro just make an Elden Ring reference in a video about how awesome cloaks are? I love this channel

  3. And you look so much edgier too😂

  4. Krigsulv says:

    Would a cloak work with amor underneath

  5. Bl@ckSh33p says:

    🤣 lol im working on making one myself. First time so hopefully it works

  6. Whatever Bro says:

    I agree that we need a whole year with medieval fashion only

  7. Le_Hecker says:

    And I just beat Varre’s quest..

  8. nuolis says:

    set up=walking with black ripped hooded cloak and face mask covering your face while walking at middle of night around dark streets

  9. Please bring back cloaks!! 😭

  10. Damperson says:

    Went outta fashion cu I bet someone would just carry a assault rifle under it

  11. Im marreon says:

    Nigga just said “peasants” you are the reason I might reconsider getting any cloak at all

  12. Lets bring back medieval fashion. They cant stop us all

  13. I’ve been saying this for years!

  14. It is true. I do Persian or Indian larp. They used to wear giant shawls with patterns like cloaks

  15. The only bad thing about them is not compatible with backpacks 😢

  16. I can't disagree with that

  17. What men want to wear

  18. Bro is NOT from elden ring ❌️❌️🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️🚫🚫❌️😭😭😭🙌🙌💯💯💯🙏🙏⁉️

  19. Hello There says:

    As a maiden I can confirm that guys are 1000x more attractive with a cloak

  20. I love the fact that they have a crying child going nuts just as he says, that he's going on an adventure

  21. morgue c. says:

    My only concern with cloaks is whether they’d catch on plants/sticks and things in the woods. i have gotten many skirts caught on shrubs and worry the cloak might cause the same problem. buuut that won’t stop me from getting one.

    also this might be a hot take but i’d prefer if we didn’t “bring back the cloak” and instead gatekeep and forbid the general media from adopting it, turning it into a trend, and ruining it.

  22. Kevin Yoel says:

    I just bought a cloak, It is very comfy

  23. Honestly, just do it. It's not like the fashion police will come throw you in jail or anything.

  24. Frogwell says:

    That’s not a cloak it’s a cape.

  25. What were cloaks usually for? Like what your wearing right now? A pirate?

  26. I actually agree with this statement, It's really It's really ashamed that Nobody really wears capes anymore, However if they did, somebody like me could build it off with ease

  27. Filthyretard says:

    The thing about that is when he wears it it’s cool, but when we wear it we look goofy

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